10 Things to Know About Google’s Project Ara


What if you get an opportunity to assemble your own smartphone just like your desktop computer? What if you can enable only those quality features which are in best fit to one’s income statement? Nothing to get astonish of as such innovative and disruptive approach is being conceptualized by Google under its leading initiative- ‘Project Ara’. This American MNC which specializes in internet- related applications and services came up with the most trending concept of modular smartphone, capable of driving threshold change in the lives of millions of people few years back (most probably in 2011) and is expected to launch the same in about six or seven months!

The following are the Top 10 facts related to ‘Project Ara’ which is worth to get acquainted with for all tech-savvy out there!

  1. Project Ara was proposed by Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) Group which used to be part of Motorola Mobility but continued to be part of Google even after sale of former to Lenovo.
  2. An Ara phone will consist of at least 8-10 modules inserted into a metallic framework called ‘endos’. Most interestingly, it will be the only part to be produced by Google.
  3. Project Ara will give enough freedom to its user customize the item to infinite extent. One simply needs to swap in and out different modules to try out different combinations. For e.g. Customer with no camera requirement can simply insert second battery in the case provided for the camera.
  4. The product being in its development stage is set to hit market in the first quarter of upcoming year 2015. Extensive research is still being conducted to tame down competitors strategies.
  5. Google will offer a very basic product to the market place with no extensions and is expected to cost about $50. It will attempt to target about 5 million people round the globe of developing nations exclusively.
  6. Don’t consider such smartphones to be bulky enough envisaging intricate structures of modules and cases inserted inside an endoskeleton as the prototype created is just 9.7 mm thick, slightly chunkier than the new HTC One M8.
  7. Project Ara ensures use of technology at its best. One may be skeptical about the fact that the cases inserted into the modules may get detached and fall apart in case phone gets dropped. It makes use of capacitive technology which will keep inserted hardware intact using electro permanent magnets.
  8. Project Ara will provide an opportunity to small businesses with inventive ideas to create their own modules as per the demand in the market and sell it to the phone holders.
  9. The project is still riding on the waves of uncertainty as it requires sheer participation of third parties to make it successful venture. As said before, Google will only manufacture ‘Endo’ under its brand name, all other modules to be designed by other companies which will do so if they think it to be profitable enough.
  10. The Project Ara smartphones are expected to have a longer life span (5-6 years approximately) which is relatively longer than all other available smartphones. It will reduce electronic waste as only defective module will have to be replaced.

Nevertheless, Project Ara is something which everyone is looking up to in great anticipation of doing something really tremendous in realm of technology. Fingers crossed!

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