10 Unusual Reasons to visit an Online Shopping Portal

Unusual Reasons to do Online Shopping
Unusual Reasons to do Online Shopping

India is in the all new era of digital consumerism. As the clocks ticks, the people of India are enthused and excited to get on to this digital bandwagon. They are connected, they are well-informed and they can’t get enough of it. The e-Commerce industry is offering them their chance.

The number of people shopping online has snowballed in past few years and is expected to grow at a much faster pace in the future. And, for good reason. The web not only offers the ultimate variety and convenience, but also other reasons to visit an online shopping portal, as this list attests. Plus, how else can you go shopping (or window-shopping) in your bathrobe (or not even that)?

1. Time pass at 2:00 a.m. Having sleepless night; browsing through the internet. A click on a display advertisement from an online shopping website and you end up wasting at least half an hour browsing through that website.
2. Be acquainted with the latest fashion trends. Styles change faster than the weather, making it really challenging for the average fashion diva to know which fashion trend to follow. Like most professionals and students, if you spend most of your day staring at a computer screen, online market places can be your tool to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
3. Kill time in the office, when one needs to improve average working hours; but is in no mood to work. Whoa!
4. Search gifts for friends, which you rarely find because you hardly know what you are looking for!
5. Hoping to get an awesome deal, but rarely getting something so awesome. People are expecting too much from on-line shopping portals, as if being non-profitable as of now, they are here for offering their merchandise for peanuts.
6. When you are bored of surfing Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google News.
7. A sponsored link on Facebook takes you there and you end up spending an hour just doing on-line window shopping.
8. Compare prices of off-line retail stores with lowest prices available online, while shopping in a mall.
9. Searching for some possession (generally apparels, electronics or accessories) of a friend or acquaintance that you really liked and have no idea, where to buy it from. Finding it online is an achievement for you!
10. Last but not the obvious reason, SHOPPING!!

Ultimately, after these activities you find some stuff you can’t resist, but buy, whether you need it or not. I can say, these on-line shopping portals have augmented my shopping bills drastically, primarily due to impulsive buying decisions. I believe, most people are easy preys to these promotional tactics of on-line stores and end up indulging in impulse buying.

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