7 Facts You Didn’t Know About iPhone

It’s 7 years since Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone. iPhone was the first revolutionary mobile phone. It redefined the smartphone category and put a powerful computer in the hands of more than a billion people around the world. On its 7th Anniversary, we bring you 7 interesting facts you didn’t know about iPhone.

  • Fact #1 The Company Cisco originally trademarked the name “iPhone”
  • Fact #2 In iPhone Ads the time is always 9:42 AM
  • Fact #3 A picture of Bono is hidden in your phone in the artist section
  • Fact #4 It took Apple 74 days to sell one million iPhones
  • Fact #5 Over 10% of iPhones are “jailbroken”
  • Fact #6 The App store was the first place to legally download an app
  • Fact #7 Apple owns over 200 patents relating to the iPhone
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