Amazon taking Ariel Route of “Drone” Dream


Big news from amazon’s Jeff Bezos that he is planning to deliver your package taking his drones traveling from Amazon warehouse across the city to your mini landing pads at your house.Though this idea has been very fascinating to everyone but i would like to give you a Why this cannot happen in near 5-10 years.

See i am not pessimistic but this has actually taken peoples imagination with great extent ,So i would like to clarify why this thinking cannot become reality in next 5-10 years.In a bid to deliver product in 30 minutes there are many obstacles which will be faced by the  Amazone .

First issue, faced by all Entrepreneur and Innovators,  is Licensing and Policy problem as this very “OK” to drop bombs on your place (with you inside) by Drone but not deliver your shipment at your doorsteps.

Secondly the huge amount of investment is required to fulfill the  large logistics demand. This cannot be a charity accusation instead it should be financially viable.

Another problem which Amazone’s Drone dream will face is to deliver the product in 30 minutes as all their warehouses are setup outside the city so it will be very difficult to serve the people in this limited time bandwidth.

In my opinion if everything  above is managed than big barrier would be to create drones which can actually fly for more that current because right now the most advanced technology can fly for 15-20 km so vary large amount of efforts required to realize this “Drone” dream of Jeff Bezos.


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