Android Spying Software: A Digital Pill That Can Cure the Social Media Addiction


“Put that phone down and go to sleep”, we have tried this hundreds of time on our kids but, eventually, we realize that our said words fall onto deaf ears. So why don’t we parents opt for something that reconciles with our kids’ digital world agenda i.e. an android spying software. You get to choose what your kids do on their smartphones and when they do it with this fast and reliable parental control, XNSPY.

It’s unfortunate that not only kids but also people from every age bracket are addicted to scrolling pages up and down uselessly on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. I wouldn’t deny being a social media addict back there, but those days are past gone, thanks to my adult instincts. But, kids can’t do the same on their own. They would sacrifice anything, their grades, relationships, sleep and health, just to satisfy their addiction.

Spying software is something that can take control of a lot of smartphone related activities, remotely, without physically accessing the device. Some apps may work only with Jailbreak and rooted devices, while others may work without them. Generally, all good smartphone apps will offer you such convenience. Perhaps what you really need to look into is the overall set of features that you want from your smartphone monitoring app.

How Can It Work Against Social Media Addiction?

There are many apps in the market with comprehensive tools designed specifically to monitor social media apps. For example if you are using XNSPY on your kids’ android devices, then you will be able to monitor chats, videos and multimedia from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype and Kik. You can also view call logs from WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.

With XNSPY, you cannot only view the kind of content that your kids are having exposure to but can also cut their access to their smartphones with its Remote Control feature. Lock your kid’s android devices with a single gesture of click from the online Control Panel.


We need to discuss the functionality of Android spy software. Well, I must say, I have used some from a time now but no one app is similar to other in terms of features. Though the installation and download process is considerably the same, some apps can take lesser or more time than the others to install. If an app is not highly responsive, you may miss out on some very important and critical situations, where your immediate mediation would have been required. So always keep your app choice within the renowned names, they will save you a lot of time and money.

Also, try not to go for some free app from the Play Store; they can really compromise your kid’s privacy and personal information.

Android spying software like XNSPY comes with the most affordable price tag of just $7.49/month. So before you go and check some other app, do give XNSPY a try first!

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