Anticipatory Shipping – Amazon could start shipping you stuff before you order it

Retail Management is not just about business, but more of an intimate relationship with customers and perhaps giving them the ecstasy by delivering them the entity even before they decide to click the “Checkout” button. Indeed a very simple way of saying “We value and care for your needs!”

In what could be termed as a Giant Leap by the giant retailer, Amazon; it has yet again proved that it’s still way ahead then the rest of the online retailers. Even before the customers are able to fully digest on its new alternative shipping delivery by a drone, it comes up with an all another new idea that could change the fate of all online retailing companies, per se, if it happens to function perfectly.

Amazon has recently patented a procedure aptly named “Anticipatory Shipping” in which they explain that they would’ve shipped an item even before a customer decides to buy it, based on the history of purchases and predilections. And how they are targeting to achieve this? They are going to make the best use out of their copious data of the customers available to them like the frequent item searches, page visits, wish-lists, over-all time on a page, and even by measuring the length of time a customer’s mouse cursor hovers over a particular item. Collecting all the relevant data and compiling them would help them into predicting a likely next purchase, they believe so.

Well indeed this could, if in functional, prove to be one of the best strategies in an attempt to garner more customers. However, there is a big BUT.

In any circumstances, the company is willing to provide the item that’s been delivered, in free if the customer denies accepting the entity, since shipping the item back to the warehouse would cost them a lot. In the words of GODFATHER, “I am gonna make him an offer he won’t refuse.” If the customer wants the item, the cost item would be paid for and if it denies so, the item would be handed out in free. Either way, it’s a win-win for the customer.

This could be seen as a good – will from the company. But let’s not get just too goody and sweet in an instance. There is a likely chance that this system would be misused by many of the customers. The customers only have to follow a simple rule – search for an item and spend much time to be recorded into the database of the company or visiting the same page over and over again in an attempt to prompt the company into shipping the item at the doorstep, noted here, even before he clicks the “CHECKOUT” button. And when the item reaches the door step, all he has to say is “I didn’t order for it, why the h*ll should I pay for it?”

Vis-à-vis, for now all I can say is “Kudos to you Amazon, you have yet again proven and made your mark!!!” and we should patiently wait for this to be in effective before we criticize/ridicule the system.

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