[App Review] NinJump Rooftop – You Better Be Finger Flex Ninja Ready!

From the makers of addictive NinJump™ , Backflip Studios has now come up with NinJump™ RoofTop, the sequel of the previous version NinJump. It is a new endless running game for the iPhone and iPad.


NinJump™ RoofTop is basically 2-D game with horizontal scrolling left to right. Jumps, overcoming obstacles and Coins along the way. The only thing which is different from the previous version is earlier the ninja was climbing walls to reach the roof now the ninja is jumping the roof with some quality graphics. NinJump™ RoofTop will definitely be appreciated on its simplicity. NinJump™ RoofTop is free on app-store and only available on iPhone. With easy gameplay NinJump™ RoofTop is suitable for all ages. And its a great way to kill time.

NinJump™ which was the talk of the town three years back, time has changed since then but their new application is same as the previous one. Its painfully simple, same power ups by eliminating three time same animals that take you further in your quest and lacks depth which can engage you for longer except the first time. But you will love this app if you have been playing endless runner game.

Rating: 3.8/5

Platform: iOS

AgeGroup: 6 Above

Download Application: iPhone

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