Telegram – It’s Now Time To Say Goodbye to WhatsApp

There are plethora of chat messenger available in the market and everyone has its own facet which makes them different from each other. But more or less all serve the same purpose chat, share emoticons , group chat and some like Viber also give calling functionality over internet.

Lets see how telegram is different from others

  •  Neat User Interface
  •  Very fast data transfer
  •  Secret chat
  •  Send Documents
  •  Group chat of 100 members
  •  Cloud storage of your personal data
  •  Send video and Image of actual size

The only thing which you might think that is  missing from Telegram app is Voice Message, but we hope soon developers add this feature to the current version. Though i know it would not be plain sailing for everyone to move from their current  chat messenger to a new one where there are less members around. But telegram gives some serious offering in terms of privacy, bigger group, and secret chat.


Rating: 4/5

Platform: iOS

AgeGroup: 6 Above

Download Application: iPhone , Android

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