[App Review] Angry Birds Go

Another gift from Rovio but this time it is some thing different. Its a racing game among the birds ,they still have no hands ( God know how they steer the cart ). First impression is excellent game-play, not too complex that was expected from Rovio.

angry inside


Game is fun like all other racing games i.e twist and turn, rough riders and perks along the way. Young ones will respond to this application as they did to its earlier versions.

This version of application has limited appeal. Being an adult you will find many shortcoming in this version like racing on limited number of tracks  and your racer will get tired either you have to wait or feed him in order to play. There is one more problem i find as the Game is free in app purchases are too high and also the advertisements. I know good games are made with money but this is not the most viable method to raise.

This might be the only game which has been launched on Android , iOs, Windows and BB10 on the very same day.


Platform:iOS, Android, BB10, Windows

AgeGroup: 6 Above

Download Application:-  BB10 Download

Windows Download  , Android Download
iOS Download




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