Are Dual Boot Tablets A Reality Or Just A Concept?

Dual platform is not a new concept for developers who use dual booting systems like Ubuntu with Windows or Windows with Macintosh. But now tablets can also have the capability of dual boot systems. In CES 2014, Micromax came up with LapTab and Asus with Transformer Book Duet TD300 to showcase Dual Boot Tablets. You can use  Android and Windows 8 on the same device using these tablets. Although there were some limitations in the functioning of these devices. The main difference between these two tablets lies in – how they operate in dual mode. LapTab need to reboot the whole system to switch to different platform but there is no such restriction with TD300.

The idea behind keeping the tablet in dual platform is that a user can take advantages of both the operating systems. As PC/Laptop has slowed down in past few years, these genre of devices have advantage and can tap a good share of market. But some speculate that from past many years, CES has shown devices which are amazing but they never find space in retail store due to the price of the innovation. But Micromax has announced that it will bring the tablet to India in the month of February with a price tag of Rs 30000.

Our Verdict:  This can be a innovation that will change how we look at tablet computing. If the price of these devices can be managed then they can seriously further dent the sales graph of PC business. But we need to wait and see how consumers react to these products and how companies can innovate to push the price envelope to keep the devices within the reach of a regular consumer.


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