Are You a Google Addict? 10 signs that show, you might be one!

Are You a Google Addict?
Are You a Google Addict?

Google…do I really need to introduce it? Not really! In the current scenario, even a 5-year old knows how to use it. And then, there are people who consider Google to be their second-best friend, or maybe even their BFF!!! If you have lately been having such a feeling, you need to analyze your relationship with Google…is it becoming an addiction???

Here is a check list:

10.   Google is your browser home page.
9.     One swipe to the right on your smart phone and you are already on Google search.
8.     You’ve read about the symptoms and details of an illness, even before you consult a doctor.
7.     You’ve searched yourself on Google.
6.    When people talk to you, you try to optimize their keywords.
5.    Someone asks you a question you don’t have an answer to, and you say, ‘Just Google it!’
4.    You did not feel ‘embarrassed’ while checking its spelling on Google. Infact, you do a spell check for most of the words!
3.    When you face indecisive situations, you strongly wish to seek Google for the answers (as if Google actually had answers to your Problems!).
2.    You trust Google maps even to reach your workplace.
And, finally…. the number one sign indicating your addiction to Google:
1.     You are completely clueless and restless without internet connectivity.


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