A Complete Collection of Best Digital Marketing Resources for Newbies


There are many ‘tips and tricks’ blogs in the field of digital marketing. Too many self-proclaimed experts provide all kind of advices. Every New Marketer has these two confusions:

  • Which advises to follow? (When one advice contradicts another)
  • Who are the real experts? (It is a hard question to answer in a world where every one claims to be an expert)

When I began my venture into the world of inbound marketing, I I assumed that every advice is coming from experts. The problem was that they were all saying the same thing and without much depth. There was too much ‘noise’. I had to find out the signals out of the ‘Noise’.

I wasted some considerable amount of time in realizing who the real experts are. These experts were offering unique and creative advices and sharing useful resources. So after 5 years of Digital Inbound Marketing experience I have found the following resources really helpful. Even to this day they provide the best and most updated information. I hope you will find them equally helpful.


Social Media Blog Resources

The world of Social Media is in a growing state and it takes an expert input to stay on top of it. Here is a list of blogs that I regularly read to get the most updated information, best practices and innovative ideas:

  1. Social Media Examiner – Michael Stelzner runs this blog and I have subscribed to it to get the best guides and tutorials for mastering the social media-marketing world. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all covered. It is ’The No Nonsense’ social media only blog.
  2.  Mashable – Pete Cashmere started this Blog from his apartment in Aberdeen, Scotland and now enjoys an overwhelming life in New York. This is an extensive blog and has many categories like Mobile, Web development, Entertainment, Business, gadgets, etc. They cover a lot of social media and bring out all the latest news.
  3. Soshable – This blog tries to keep up with all things related to social media, analyze them and then provide fresh insights into the people and structures that drive engagement.
  4. Brand Savant –Tom Webster runs this blog on social web world. This author also has written many case studies and gives some meaningful information that’s based more on facts rather than creativity.
  5.  Convince & Convert – Jay Baer is a guy who started Digital marketing when the term was coined. He is in the business since 1994. On his blog, he talks about Social Media and Marketing and some really valuable insights on new age Marketing.
  6.  Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls is the show-stopper for this blog. Social Media Explorer is also a good Digital marketing agency. The agency has written a few useful books on social media marketing. The agency’s blog covers a lot of nice stuff on Social media and other Marketing Stuff.
  7. AllFacebook –As the blog name suggests it provides us all the information useful for the only social network that has a billion users.
  8. Social Media Marketing By Scott Monty –Scott Monty is the head of Social media Marketing at Ford Company. He writes very occasionally and that’s why it’s so useful to read what he writes.


Awesome Social Media Tools

  1. Hootsuite – With the help of Hootsuite you can easily manage all your social media accounts from one place. It’s an excellent tool to schedule posts and reach to more people in less time.
  2. IFTTT( IF THIS THEN THIS)-  This tool can save a lot of your time by doing things that you always do but only this time without your efforts and time. It’s an amazing tool and very easy to use. It does a lot of hectic thing automatically
  3. PostRank Analytics – Increase the number of your Brand loyalists on social media by identifying influencers of your brand on social media. It also measures site engagement.
  4. Instagram – Instagram is certainly the coolest way to share your pics in the world of Social Media.
  5. Klout – It is growing everyday. It is for multiple platforms and covers the measurement of awareness among users.


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Blog:

Since Google is the world’s most popular website and all the traffic is sent to different websites that rank high, so it generates a lot of traffic; meaning more customers. So for that reason no digital marketer, whether new or old, can overlook it.

The world of Search Engine Marketing is one of the most dynamic industry in online marketing. Search engine optimization changes everyday because the search engines change their algorithm everyday. Throughout these years these blogs have helped me in tackling these constant changes.

These blogs also offer advices on other topics like SMO, Content marketing and blogging but their SEO section rocks:

  1. SEOmoz –Its is the biggest community of SEO experts. Rand Fishkin together with his team has done a great job in making the SEOMOZ Blog. It also has a user generated Blog called YOUMOZ. They also have some very effective tools. Whiteboards of SEOMOZ Blog are amazing.
  2. Matt Cutts’s blog –  Matt Cutts is the head of Google Web Spam team. He can teach a lot about things you should not do in your SEO campaign. So always listen to what this blog has to offer.
  3. Higher visibility  – This blog teaches you about seo in a very concise way.
  4. Search Engine Journal – One of the oldest SEO news blogs. SEJ is a no ‘nonsense’ blog. They give you a lot of news about the latest trends in seo world.
  5. Search Engine Land – This is one of the most reputed blogs in seo world.  This blog also speaks about the future of search engines
  6. Search Engine Guide – The main focus is on SEO and they talk about everything useful from SEO to PR. Small businesses will gain a lot from this special blog.
  7. Search Engine Watch – It is definitely one of the oldest blogs on SEO. Good authors contribute to make it a success.


Essential Basic SEO TOOLS:

  1. Market Samurai: It is a Niche keyword research tool but it’s paid.
  2. Opensite Explorer: Ever wondered where your competitors have made their backlinks. SEOMoz’s tool provides some very nice tools for checking back link profiles of your website and that of the competitors.
  3.  Google Keyword tool: It’s a free tool that can be used for researching all about keywords.
  4.  Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog can enables you to see websites the way search engine spider’s will see your website. It’s a very good and handy tool to check all the general aspects of your website.


Two Awesome Seo Guides

Blogs are a good way to get the information but if  you are looking for some very great resources for starting and do it correct the very first time then these resources will take your SEO program one year ahead:

  1. SEOMOZ Beginner’s Guide to SEO: This guide has already received more than 10 million visits and it’s a  great way to start learning about seo.
  2. Advanced Guide to SEO: Neil and Sujan patel recently launched this Kickass guide for SEO. It’s a great way to learn all the things that generally takes year for people to learn generally.


Other Blogs that I read as a digital marketer:

  1. Kissmetrics Marketing Blog: Niel Patel is the co-founder of Kiss Metrics. Niel,with a lot of professionals from different backgrounds write awesome stuff related to online marketing.
  2. Quicksprout : Niel patel is the guy who grew Tech Crunch’s traffic by 30%. Let me admit it first time on my blog. He is the guy because of whom I came to know about all the new good resources related to digital marketing.
  3.  Seth Godin– Seth Godin is a marketing guru and can teach a lot of unique things that no one else can tell you. He offers a lot of great Books on the topic of marketing and specially ‘viral’ marketing.
  4.  TechCrunch – The best Blog in the Tech and startup Industry. It has enormous profiles of stratups, latest product launches and great new websites.
  5. TopRank – As the Blog name suggests they tell you everything about getting on top on Social media, SEO Content marketing and Blogging. Lee Odden is the chief contributor of this multi-author blog.
  6. Six Pixels of Separation – You get on this Mitch Joel’s Blog a lot of Mitch Joel. He is termed as the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” by the Marketing magazine.
  7. HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog-Hubspot has a very nice blog that offers some useful information on Internet marketing.



If you are a newbie marketer then you must find out about the necessary marketing tools for every marketer. Tell me of other good blogs that you think are worthy of inclusion in this list. I will most probably not disappoint you.


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