Should you download BlackBerry Messenger BBM?


BlackBerry Messenger or Famous BBM from BlackBerry is an another honest attempt to grab the eyes and this time they have created a huge noise by releasing their flagship chat messenger for IOS and Google’s Android for free.Though the actual product released after a month of  its release date. One more chat application among the current titans Whatsapp ,WeChat , Facebook Messenger.

Lets talk about the application , nice and easy interface and very familiar for those who have already used the BBM on their Blackberry phones.Application have reportedly a hit among the users.More than 20 million people have downloaded the application after it released on the popular platforms.

BB pins , Scanning QR codes or Ping you will find it on BBM application. Read and delivered tag is also there in this version. More or less the Interface has been kept similar with BBM on BB10 operating System. But their are many features like calling over WiFi is missing. BlackBerry has announced that it will scale this version with their current application on blackberry devices. People will like design of the application as it is different from others in terms of number of friends are only those whom you have added .As in BBM you add people by their BB pins which is unique for every other user.

Major Advantages of BBM:
-Most Number of active Users.
-User Interface.
-Delivered and read tags.
-And now you can connect to BlackBerry users too.

Users have given a positive feedback for the application but the real test will be how will BBM can engage users as there are plethora of social chat application available in the market which has reasonably good amount of active users.There have been Application Crash faced by user who have been using it on IPhone4 and the cheaper versions of Android.

AgeGroup:12 Onwards

BBM Download:-

BBM For Android
BBM for Apple IOs

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