BlackBerry Z10 sold out after price cut. Worth it?

Last year, Blackberry took a leap forward and came out with their new operating system, BB10, in a bid to reinvent themselves and to compete with other operating systems currently dominating the market. Z10 was the first device running BB10, but surprisingly, Blackberry ditched a keypad and come out with full touch device. However, as a customer, the question is: now that many BB10 devices, like Z10, are on offer at heavy discounts, is buying a BB10 device a good deal?

Specs of the device are not exactly amazing but comparing the performance of BB10 devices with other devices running on other OS like iOS and Android would not be of much value. Their target customers are enterprise users, and these devices fulfill almost everything they would wish for. One of the primary needs of these corporate customers is an effective push email environment, backed by a capable email client and some essential applications to top the deal; most would not be concerned with a huge app marketplace if they can be effective with a few on the offer.

However, going by the sales figures of Blackberry post the release of BB10 devices, it seems that they have failed to attic the even this niche market, leaving them in lurch and unsure about their position. One thing that pinches the owners of a Blackberry is the expensive data plans on offer. Also, Blackberry’s app store doesn’t really appeals to a user used to diverse app markets of Android , iOS or even Windows. So, other than an “elite” feel and excellent build quality, Blackberry is still not offering anything which may entice you to ditch your current device and a buy a new BB10 powered one.

Verdict: In spite of ditching the keyboard, BB10 is amazing for those who have been using Blackberry. That said, even though the prices are at an all-time low, you might do well to rethink your decision before taking the plunge.

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