Blind Loyalty – No Brand is Your Friend!


Warning: Reading this article could result into an end of a long term relationship

Branding makes loyal fans, advocates and even evangelists out of those who buy your products. Everyone of us have some favorite brands. iPhone Users have a ‘Blind Loyalty’ to the Apple Brand. But the question is why are people loyal to the brands. People like brands. They admire them. They feel good and are inspired by the company, they love it. But WHY? Let me give you some questions to ponder over. Just think about them carefully for two minutes.

1. Will your favorite brand wipe your tears or even care if you are sad?
2. Will your favorite brand take you out dancing?
3. Will your favorite brand keep you company when you feel lonely?
4. Will your favorite brand be there to catch if you fall?
5. Will your favorite brand visit you at the hospital when you are really sick?

Check out this amazing slideshow made by . You might want put an end to your relationship with your favorite brands after watching the slideshow.

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