The Epic Candy Crush Saga – Money can’t buy happiness but it will certainly get add-ons & extra lives


Candy Crush Saga, the match-three puzzle game is a serious time killer . Everyone from any age group love this application. Simple concept but captivating. Mixing and matching the sweets to complete the task available at each level. Switch and match your way through more than 400 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure. Colored sweets create a very beautiful Interface which will be liked by everyone. The game is also immensely popular on Facebook, with the site hosting support groups for self-confessed addicts.


The Epic Saga of Candy Crush

Globally, Candy Crush Saga is estimated to make 1 million dollars per day from its users, according to Appdata. It is one of a growing number that is free to download but generates extraordinary revenues by nudging addicted players into paying more to get gizmos that help them progress through difficulty levels.

Crushing the numbers –

  • 150 billion games of Candy Crush Saga have been played to date
  • 500 million people have installed Candy Crush
  • An estimated £550,000 per day is earned from the game in the US
  • 60% of UK gamers play to and from work
  • 28% play at work or during work hours

Source: King, Think Gaming, Ask Your Target Market

Users buy add-ons, extra lives and access to higher levels. There has been criticism of the revenue structure around the game – free to download but delicately engineered to get users spending money. But according to its British-based developer King, more than half of players who reach the last level in Candy Crush Saga have done so without any financial outlay.

The hefty revenues have led to speculation that King, which has its HQ at London’s Kings Cross, is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) of shares in the US.

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