Car-tainment – Next Gen Entertainment on the Go!

In the past, people use their cars only for travelling but now the era has changed. People want to have entertainment on the go. With the advancement in the new technologies, the next gen car will have car-entertainment systems. Many technology giants like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, IBM are looking at this domain as a new and open environment for innovation.

Apple has already made a deal with companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Honda to integrate iOS into car makers dashboard controls. According to another report, Google is developing new Android platform features that will enable the car itself to become a connected Android device. Believing these early sparks from tech giants who are actually looking to change the driving experience with sophisticated technologies which one only can imagine from their current car. Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS are looking this as a great opportunity and will push for changes so that they can exploit the untapped domain.

Following are the possibilities which one can expect from your next futuristic car-

  • Shows a map on front glass whenever you get lost
  • Play music according to your mood
  • Tell you the shortest and congestion free direction to any place
  • Car will act as your personal assistant
  • Soon, You might be travelling in a driverless car

β€œThe car is becoming the ultimate mobile device,” said Thilo Koslowski, an analyst at the research firm Gartner Inc. who specializes in advanced in-car electronics.BMW, Honda, Ford and GM have already started integrating these technologies in their new cars with smartphone connectivity solutions. No doubt, with the emergence of these competing giants into the automotive space, the pace of innovation in the car will likely pick up.

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