Creating The Perfect Website Video


Creating The Perfect Website Video

Website video is huge. You’ve probably seen dozens, if not hundreds of slick presentations from startup companies and Kickstarter campaigns. A good website video can have a dramatic effect on your site’s traffic, and how long that traffic stays on the page. A slick explainer video can help build trust and generate sales. So what does it take to create the perfect video for your company’s website? Here’s some top tips to get you started:

The Script Is The Most important Element

It’s a strange concept to get your head around, but the video footage itself is way less important than the quality of the audio, and both of those come after a solid script. Getting the script right is the difference between a bad video and a great one.

You should write the script yourself then give it to a professional copywriter to edit and improve the way the script flows. Make sure you’ve covered any of your customers’ pain points and FAQs as well as explaining any difficult concepts that your company or product might have to potential customers.

Once you’ve written your script, you’ll need to edit it down so that it doesn’t run too long. Voice the script yourself to check the duration and aim for something that lasts for a maximum of two minutes. This might not seem like a long time, but unless the subject matter is very technical, and the audience very niche, you simply won’t keep them interested.

Get The Script Voiced

A decent voiceover from a professional shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred pounds. Your script will be read in a properly sound proofed environment using quality recording tools. You’ll then receive a MP3 or WAV file that’s been tweaked and edited for optimum sound quality. Don’t scrimp on voiceovers, and take your time listening to demo samples to find the right artist for the tone of your script.

Get A Video Made

Choosing a production company can be tricky, and there’s no set price or time length for getting a video made. It’s entirely dependent on what you need, and how many days it will take to film and edit. A skilled production company like F73 Productions will use your script to create a storyboard and arrange a shoot at your company’s premises. They’ll guide you through the whole process of interview recording and post production to successfully showcase your company and product. Click here for more information.

Split Test The Video

Not many people take the time to test if a video is getting results, but this stage is vital in working out whether it’s turning browsers into customers. You should be continually tweaking the voiceover, logos and fonts to ensure maximum conversion rates. There’s plenty of software out there to track how many people played your video, and if they were interested enough to watch it in its entirety.

Take Your Time

Making a great website video isn’t about throwing vast sums of money at a project, it’s about taking your time and building a professional script, then thoroughly testing the results to achieve the maximum conversion rate, and ultimately drive more sales.

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