Cyber Security Tips – How You and Your Device Live Merrily?

You think that why would somebody infect your system as you don’t have anything to hide, but your username, password and your credit card details is enough for them to make efforts to keep an eye on your online activities. So let Techcuppa assist you in keeping your PC/Laptop safe from malware or any data theft. Here are some simple tips which will keep any malware and data theft at bay.

  • Install a good antivirus

If you are a Windows user then i would like you to please first install an antivirus then start your system. Though there are virus and trojan problem in Mac too but the list is very short and apple has its counter measures to handle many of those problem. So please buy a good Antivirus to keep your system alive for the time you want to use it.

  • Browse only trusted site

With every online activity, you will be vulnerable to malware. Do not surf those sites which are not safe. There are websites which when reached open other links, user should abstain himself from going to these site unless you know the implications. Many browser offer information or a gesture in their navigation bar itself to show if the website you are visiting is safe or not. Firefox, Chrome shows lock sign when you open any HTTPS link.

  • Don’t install things from Mysterious and dark sources

When you browse web you many time find a popup which push you to download a certain file to access the site. Please don’t fall to any of these tricks. User should remain alert while downloading the content from any unknown site. User should download data only from sources which are known and reliable.

  • Work with qualified browser

If you are still using IE , then i would rather request you to see capabilities offer by Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox. Among others Firefox is the best browser available online. It proffers you with number of add-ons such as Better Privacy, Ghostery and many other which protect you from Storing Cookies and protects you from being tracked your online activities.

  • Update software products religiously

Updating the current software is best and easiest way to handle the malware away from you system, As some of the windows patch contain the security patches and Antivirus update contains more malware definition which are new and can be harmful to your system.


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