Decoding ‘Google My Business’ for Your Business

Google My Business is an integrated platform for small or local business to manage their customer interactions online. Google my business makes the information of a business available on all devices across Google+, search and maps. Details like direction to your business location, working hours or contact information will be made easily available. Since it is also connected with social media, customers can follow your business and provide reviews and ratings.

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Google My Business


This is useful to update the information about your business if the store location is shifted or working hours have changed, making the right information available to your customers who are searching for you online. You can also connect with your customers on Google+. It enables you to add photos and videos of your business, if you are a restaurant or coffee shop then customers can view the beautiful interiors of your store online. You can share the latest happenings, new products launches, offers and launch Google hangouts with customers and followers on Google. Insights can be obtained through their reviews and you can respond to their feedback.

Google had previously provided services to business users like Google places, Google Local, Google+ Local and Google+ pages to manage online users. To make it easier for small businesses to manage all of their data online and connect with customers from a single platform, it has come up with Google my business as an approach where Google services like Search, Maps, Google+, AdWords and analytics can be used from a single place. Google has made it available to any business for free after verifying their information. All the previous users of Google+ pages and Google places would be automatically upgraded to Google my business.

The Dashboard
Google makes all of these activities easy to manage by providing a dashboard which allows you to share new text, photos, links, videos, and events on Google+. It gives insights of audience like number of viewers, number of clicks and new followers. You can manage Google reviews and reviews from across the web. AdWords express and Google analytics are integrated on the dashboard, making it easier to reach out to more customers online based on your customized insights from analytics.

This dashboard is also available as an Android app to manage your business on the go. They also provide a bulk location management tool with which you can manage your business in multiple locations. They recommend a user to use this tool if your business is in more than ten locations. Tracking all this information helps the owner of business gain customer insights and reach out to the right customers.

Who can benefit
Google’s Jade Wang says that companies who rely on search and location accuracy can benefit by signing up to Google My Business. The business can have a physical presence like a restaurant, music instruments store, apparel store or a service provider like cleaning services, plumbing and may not be having a physical store. Both can benefit by being found on the map where they provide local services.

For those businesses which do not have their own website it is useful to show up on Search, maps etc. For those with a website it complements your search results. During search results along with the website, extra elements show up for easy visibility to your customers. This move empowers local businesses providing them a powerful online marketing tool and makes My Business a one stop service by Google.

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