Discover The Intel Edison – The SD Card-Sized Computer


Intel Edison Development Board is be the one most revolutionary and futuristic innovation, we found during CES 2014. Intel has come out with a computer of a size of a SD card “Edison”. The Intel Edison board features a low-power 22nm 400MHz Intel® Quark processor with two cores, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth(LE) and an integrated app store. It can run multiple operating systems including the Linux.

Though the price of the device is not yet revealed and it is slated to reach market in next 5-6 months. It will be exciting to see how and on what product this chip would be used. After Edison coming to market and if the price remain in the reach then we can expect some of the best and really compact devices from the tech giants like Samsung. Given the size and feature provided by Edison it enables the engineer to come up with innovative and powerful devices in near future.

Edison will assist technologist to solve many problem in terms of size and speed of the product. At CES 2014, Intel CEO Krzanich quoted, “Wearable are not everywhere today because they aren’t yet solving real problems and they aren’t yet integrated with our lifestyles, We’re focused on addressing this engineering innovation challenge. Our goal is, if something computes and connects, it does its best with Intel inside.”


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