Stuff You Should Know while Throwing your Tech Accessory


Every technological innovation leaves behind its predecessor who slowly become old and then obsolete. Now a days technology changes more rapidly than anything else. Your new iPhone, headphones, Desktops all these bring happiness as they are relatively advanced more sleek and looks pretty from their antecedent. But what happens to those devices which are now old-fashioned and obsolete?

With the dawn of technology around the world, Electronic-Waste or e-waste is an predicament and we need to maneuver from this situation to keep our ecosystem safe.

What is E-Waste?
The technological innovation comes with new product and devices, and it leaves behind tonnes of outdated and obsolete boxes. These obsolete devices are E-Waste or Electronic-Waste.

Why is this a problem?
Most of the electronic equipments contain lead, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, beryllium which are hazardous. More than 90% of our e-waste is handled by unorganized sectors in developing country like India. They don’t have proper equipments to extract these hazardous metal. They mostly extract copper from the waste as it is widely used in all circuit boards and metal returns good .

What is adding to our current problem?
As developed countries also does not treat all the waste by itself. They usually transport tonnes of waste to a developing countries like India, China, Pakistan and other African nations. Waste comes in the name of used technology and most of this used-technology got dumped in land fillings which makes environment highly toxic.

What can be done?

Recycling is one of the most important procedure which we can use. Companies like Canon, Nokia ask their customers to bring or send their old product and they will recycle it.

Repair is also a key factor which can reduce the e-waste. This can slow down the rate of increasing E-Waste.

Strong Laws to prevent the movement of Electronic-Waste from developed nation to nations like India, where it would mostly be fed into the vacant land outside the cities due to lack of infrastructure of recycling.

Though we have develop technologies to make our life better. But with every comfort that technology provide there is always a corresponding discomfort that come with it.

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