Facebook Knows Who You Searched Last Time

If you think Facebook is just for chat, scroll down, like, comment and share, you are forgetting a big thing. Yes, search is that one big thing that people do many times with consciously attempting to be the spy. One might use search to find an old friend or the cute girl or handsome guy that you met last night at a party or may be a kind of stalking on your ex. Search is harmless unless it does not makes you uncomfortable in future. But do you know that the social network giant Facebook stores everything what you do including ‘Search‘?

However, it’s a simple process to delete your Facebook search history and get away from the awful stuff stored by Facebook as your search history. The following steps can help you to get through the deletion process.

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1. Click on the Activity Log on the bottom right of your cover image.

Step 1

2. Click on the ‘Search’ button in the left column below Photos, Likes, Comments

Step 2

3. Click on “Clear Searches” in the top right corner

Step 3
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