Facts You Need to Know About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was launched in May 2013 for iOS . This January, the game became most downloaded free iOS App. Most of the reviewers dumped the application and rated it very low due to its difficulty level yet some found it very addictive. Dong Nguyen, developer of Flappy Bird did not take more than a week to develop the whole game. As the design of the game have similarities with Nintendo’s Mario UI, questions were raised regarding the originality of design and sound of the application. But the reality is mobile application which was earning $50,000 a day with in-app advertisement has been pulled from the respective App-store of Apple and Android. It doesn’t matter how difficult the application was, it was followed insanely by the users. Some were even willing to buy devices with pre-installed Flappy Bird on eBay.

Amazing facts about Flappy Birds
  • Game was launched in May 2013 and became most downloaded app on iOS in January this year.
  • Dong Nguyen attributed “Luck” as the sole  reason for its popularity on Apple and Android market place.
  • Nguyen intimated that he will remove the application from respective the App-stores. And the game was removed after 22 hours of the declaration on twitter
  • The game was dropped from the app-store when it was earning $50,000 by advertisements. Developer cited it addiction as the reason behind pulling the application.
  • Sudden removal of Flappy Bird from App-stores put phones with pre-installed game in the market. Some merchants at eBay was selling the phones at 1499$ and some receiving bids more than that. Though later on, ebay removed the product as it was violating its mobile selling policy.
  • Nguyen also received death threats from Flappy Bird addicted users after following the removal of application from respective market places.
  • Apple and Android application store has started rejecting the applications with “Flappy” in the app name.

If you really missed Flappy Bird on your smartphone, you can still play on your computers here – Flappy Bird

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