Goal Line Technology – Football gets technology makeover for World Cup


Football being one of the most intriguing and popular sport has been constantly pushing its boundaries to incorporate latest features or changes that can enhance the quality of matches played plus provide enough satisfaction to ecstatic followers of the same.

There have been few cases in the past like one that of Geoff Hurst’s exemplary goal against West Germany is still doubtful to believe whether it crossed the line after the ball bounced down after the cross bar? Such kind of events has potential to draw out confidence of fanatics from the sport, lowering its prestige value all over the world.

To encounter such problems with greater efficacy, use of technological advances can be put to much more effective use. Impeccable use of technology will be seen in this year’s FIFA world cup where technology will be used to determine whether ball has actually crossed the line or not with the help of specially designed cameras and will assist the referee to take up unbiased action. This is something which one can actually relate to ‘Third Empire’ mechanism in world of Cricket.

The idea to develop such a useful system incorporating fourteen cameras to project 3-D position of the ball with greater precision was initiated by not so renowned company of Germany- GoalControl. The entire process will be in executed in the following manner- As soon as the ball crosses the line, a vibration or an optic signal will be transmitted to the watch to be worn by referee, thereby awarding actual goals made!

See the following video to understand how the system will be set up and how it will be fared-

However, there has been much criticism to the use of technology coming from the management people of FIFA including its President Sepp Blatter putting an argument that the same will prove critical to human element of the game and will remove enjoyment of debating. Some of them cite it to be quite expensive and altering flow of entertainment in form of instant and constant replays.

Not just Goal Line Technology, there have been much more proposed additions in the upcoming season of premier football tournament. Water based, shaving cream will be put to use in front of defensive wall to ensure 10 yard distance is respected plus a circle will be formed next to ball to keep attackers from rolling it forward. The spray will get immediately evaporated after duration of two minutes and forty-five seconds. Referees will carry the lightweight foam dispenser attached to their shorts.

One can certainly imagine a scenario where referees will be assigned the job of spraying the foam coupled with much accurate and reasonable judgments on their part will surely excite viewers a lot!

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