Hatchback Cars – Old Pulse of Market

With population expanding in the urban areas and consumption for the affordable cars in manufacturing economies has risen substantially. And also as the higher gas prices will become “new normal” hatches will become more relevant for the middle class or pocket conscious class. So now every maker be it luxury or a consumer auto maker are now offering their hatchback to the customer.

Transformation have been huge in hatchbacks since its inception. Earlier it was sold with a offering that its rear seats are fold-able for the luggage. But today’s hatches are luxury in a small space. They are no longer a luggage wagon rather they are much more relevant in current times.
There have been some very persuasive factor which are keeping hatches in the market and pushing the profits for some.
  • Hatchback have more practicality on city roads
  • There design has improves substantially
  • They are fun to drive
  • They are easy on pocket
  • There resale value far more than sedans can offer
  • Luxury hatchbacks is also an option

There have been some markets where hatches are preferred over every other option but some are reluctant to move to hatches from sedan and cross over vehicle. These wagons have not been so popular in South American and African market but parts of Asia and Europe has always loved hatchbacks. For example – In India, Maruti 800 which was discontinued in 2004 has sold more than 2.5 million cars since its inception in 1983.

Hatchback market will remain competitive as the gas prices are rising and there are many pocket conscious class who felt with every nickel rises in gas prices. Though there is a long range options available in hatches which are available for every class of customer still consumer hatches are the focus of the markets as they appeal to large chunk of users.

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