Compact Discs – From Hi-Tech Device to An Obsolete Piece of Plastic

In 2009, there was a hue and cry over Apple’s new version of a Mac Mini server without the CD drive. Instead they added a extra hard disk in the server. And then next year Apple removed the optical drive from their Mac Mini also. It was shocking for many people, Compact disc used to be part of every new age human then. But now after 5 years, Compact Dics are too old to talk about.

“At one point of time, CD used to be a masterpiece in techno world and other minute, they are just a shiny and round piece of plastic” That’s how the time changes.

They were the most advanced storage option when they were introduced in the market. But now they are obsolete. Music lovers have enjoyed the companionship with CD’s for quite a time. Their primary demand came from music and video industry. My first disc was also a music CD, But now I don’t even remember when exactly I bought a CD last time. But yes the reality is that I have not thought about a disk may be from past 2-3 years. They are gone not because of the reason they are old but because their relevance has gone down in the age of USB Sticks or cloud computing.

Why CD is not preferred over USB Devices or Cloud Storage –

  • Easy of use
  • CD can get scratched
  • Majority of music consumed online
  • Cloud storage is the future
  • Fast internet is a reality now

But there still exists an old world, where CDs and DVDs rule over other storage devices. Just because it is outdated you cannot drop them. If you don’t have fast internet access or you are a budget buyer moving to external hard disk or cloud storage can have hidden cost which can hurt you later. But with fast internet becoming reality and external hard disk become more cheaper it would be difficult to find a significance of a CD other than an Music Album.

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