How to Turn Off Annoying Facebook Notifications particularly of ‘Candy Crush Saga’


This is the most common thing that you must have experienced in case you have Facebook account. Yes, it is nothing but unsolicited invitations particularly of ‘Candy Crush Saga’ (the most popular and addictive smartphone game alluring people of all age groups) by your friends. You must be striving for a solution so that such useless notifications can be tackled with.

If you consider yourself to be a selfless victim, then here is the ultimate solution to your entire problem. Read this space to check it out!

Candy Crush makes money from its developer by forcing its users to pay for the next level by means of sending invites to friends via Facebook. However, there is an effective measure which one can resort to stop such frustrating announcements.
The next time you receive such invitation, execute the following steps to get done with Candy Crush Saga permanently-

– Open the notification box to find out the invite received.
– Just hover over the invite to find out two extremely tiny icons- one labeled as ‘Read’ (with a circle) while other on as ‘Turn Off’ (with sign of X)
– Just click the second one and you’ll be asked whether you want to “Turn off notifications from Candy Crush Saga” or not.
– Click “Turn Off” option, later to which you’ll be notified with a message that you no longer will receive such invites.

If you don’t think it to be some serious issue, you can continue with the past ways. However, for all those people who consider such notifications nothing less than useless alarm boosters (including me) will definitely experience some peace.

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