How You Can Turn Your Computer Keyboard Into An Musical Instrument

patatap is a new music creating app from musical double act Lullatone, which is fast becoming an internet favourite. Unlike many other music generators, Patatap is really simple to use meaning even the most musically challenged individuals can string together beats and rhythms to create something that actually sounds like real music. If your musical talents only stretch as far as failing recorder at school, then this app will help you uncover your hidden musical abilities.

How it Works

Patatap works through the letter keys on your computer keyboard. Each key from A to Z plays a different sound which simultaneously triggers a different shape or image on the screen. Because the app is controlled by your keyboard, it’s surprisingly easy to create quite detailed sounds. If you’re a dab hand at touch typing or use a computer regularly you’ll find you’ve already mastered the basics of hitting the keys in a sequence, and will be surprised at the complex combinations of sounds you’ll be able to layer into your melodies.

The individual sounds used in Patatap have each been carefully chosen so that they work well together in any combination. They are also short enough that you can hit a number of keys in quick succession to create an impressive sound. This also means that if you accidently hit lots of keys together it’s not going to sound like you’ve dropped a piano off an eight storey building!

Who is it for?

Touch typing skills can help create more detailed music making the app perfect for some downtime at the office or to de-stress after a tough day. Just remember to bring your headphones to avoid upsetting your colleagues!

Like anything that’s slightly ‘novelty’ and great for procrastination, Patatap would be an instant hit with kids and ideal for getting kids involved in music. Once they’ve gotten over the fun of making lots of noise, there sure to really enjoy making and repeating their own melodies.

Handy Tips

What makes Patatap so user friendly is that if you create a piece of music that you love and want to remember, it’s really easy to do. You simply note down the sequence of letter keys you’ve hit to make your melody. This is excellent way to introduce kids to the process of composing music, and you never know, you could have a little star on your hands! You can also use Patatap whilst playing music on your computer to give your favourite song a cool new twist!

The mix of sounds and images isn’t only a pretty feature – it played a major part in the inspiration of the app. the creators wanted it to reflect elements of Synaesthesia, a condition where one sensory experience triggers another, such as seeing sounds as colours. Find out more about synaesthesia and how it influenced Patatap.

So whether you just want to kill some time or begin your journey to musical stardom, get creative and check out Patatap! Click here for musical experiments from users of Patatap.

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