The Habits of the World’s Smartest People

No one can recognize intelligence by looking at someone because intelligent people do not look the same. However, many people with high IQs share similar habits – both good and bad. For instance, according to research complied by, while those with high IQs tend to read avidly and be more self-disciplined, they are also more likely to consume drugs and suffer from anxiety.

Another interesting fact coming out of good habits of smart people is that they set goals and people who pen down their goals or share them with friends are more likely to accomplish them. A probable reason for this could be that you structure your thoughts when you try to write them down; leading to more quantified and achievable goals. Also, collaborative goals are more likely to be accomplished because multiple brains join to achieve them; and motivation level rises as you are time and again reminded of your goals.

Knowing the good and the bad habits of some of the smartest people, you will prove to be smart only if you pick the good ones. Check out this infographic for more on the habits of smart people, including the IQs icons such as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein –


smart ppl habits


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