Jolla Smartphone: We are Unlike

In 2011, Nokia abandoned their Linux based OS Meego and moved on to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. Even few employees moved out from Nokia and started Jolla, an independent designer and developer of various mobile devices. Jolla is powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct Linux based mobile operating system. Jolla, in Finnish, is pronounced ‘yolla’.

Any hardware which supports Linux can run the OS. Jolla has displayed its OS on Nexus 4, Nexus 7, HP Mini and others. Sailfish OS ports are already been developed for the popular smartphone devices like Samsung galaxy, Sony Xperia and Google Nexus.

In terms of operating system Sailfish is evolving OS. It is based on Linux kernel and Mer. Jolla declared that Sailfish OS is Android mobile/tablet compatible. This will give major boost to the Sailfish users as there are third party Appstore available from where they can download the app. Jolla can also run Meego apps as Sailfish is based on this open source platform.

The OS will shortly be ready for global audience and available as a free download for Android devices. Jolla is looking to expand in Russia, India and Hong kong but for the moment it is only available in Finland. Before shipping the Sailfish OS image, company will first introduce some of the interface features of Sailfish OS 1.0 as a launcher Android.

Specifications look average when compared iPhone and  Android . It is mainly for those who love open source or want to customize their phones. Jolla surely provide a different user experience with very sharp detailing. But with very few native apps, it would be tough for Jolla to market their product.


  • With Jolla you can run Android  apps from third party store.
  • Can run Meego apps with few hours of effort.
  • Gesture-based user interface
  • Sharp detailing in UI


  • Difficult to get started
  • Very few native apps
  • Third party app stability issue

Verdict : Though fighting in the market where Google and Apple dominate 90% of market share will not be easy. Jolla is not a device which can replace your iPhone and Android. If being different is your only criteria then jump and buy this product and you will never turn back. But for everyone else, you’re probably better off sticking with an iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone.

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