Don’t know How to Deactivate your Account! Use



Many companies use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your account. And sometimes it becomes a daunting task for the user to permanently delete an account on many websites. But now you need not to worry. will make your life little easier.

JustDelete.Me is a directory of urls to delete your account from web services. Services are marked either easy, medium or hard depending on how difficult it is to delete that account. Those marked as hard have additional information on how to completely remove your account, such as Skype which requires you to contact customer services to do so. This website has already been featured on Tech CrunchWired and many other sites.

Google Chrome Extension is also available for When you are on a website that is listed on, the Chrome Extension will add a small dot to the omnibar. Clicking on this dot will take you to the relevant delete page.

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