[List] Best Resources Available Online for Learning

Learning is so important because through learning we are able to expand our mind and begin to see things we have never experience. Learning also helps us to find what career we are most interested in pursuing. But sometimes it can be daunting with all the knowledge there is in the world, so where should you start? TechCuppa Team has compiled a list for best resources available online for learning.

TED – Watch inspiring talks and presentations by remarkable and highly successful people on various topics. Includes some of the best presentations ever made.

Khan Academy – What once was only a handful of algebra lessons now turned into a library of over 2,100 quality educational videos on various subjects including math, physics, biology, test preparations and educational talks and interviews.

Wikipedia – Free encyclopedia and your quick reference guide for everything built collaboratively by people like you.

National Geographic – The NatGEO’s corner on the web. This sites brings you some of the most interesting articles as well as some really amazing photos on a daily basis.

Instructables – One of the first how-to sites on the web. Find easy instructions on how to make all kinds of cool stuff ranging from anonymous surveillance cameras to home-made potato bazookas.

WebMD – Your online reference to health and better living.

Babbel – An interactive tool to help you learn a new language from scratch.

Qwiki – Qwiki is a one of a kind search engine. Get the results in a visual list and a video on the go summarizing those results – with computer generated female voice narration. Users can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Literally.


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