Most Notable Brand War #1 – Samsung Vs. Apple

Apple and Samsung Electronics, the two tech giants that make almost all the profit in the smartphone market are using comparative advertising strategies against each other. They already dominate two third global smartphone market together. But in the last couple of years, we have seen these two rival brands competing for supremacy in the smartphone market.

It began with Samsung’s ad campaign in late 2011, The Next Big Thing to promote their then new smartphone, Galaxy S II. In the ad, Apple fans waiting in line for the next iPhone release were ironically checking out the Samsung Galaxy S II of passers-by. The ad not only mocked iPhone users with lines like “Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones?” but also took the opportunity to feature their larger screens.

A month later, Samsung created a poster and featured it on their Facebook page. It displayed the Galaxy S II side-by-side with a group made up of an iPhone, obsolete cellphone, and a pair of empty tin cans.

The latest episode in this rivalry is another dig at Apple; Samsung’s Grad Pool Party ad was released in May 2013 to promote their latest smartphone, Galaxy S4.

However, it doesn’t look like Apple will be so quick to respond with an ad campaign – probably because that would hint that Samsung’s tactics did get on their nerves.

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