Most Notable Brand War #3 – PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One

The launch dates of Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 were less than a week apart! This was enough to spice things up even further in this decade-old rivalry. Here’s an ad released by Sony in mid-October 2013 to promote their latest gaming console.

Not wanting to fall behind, Microsoft released their “Invitation” ad to promote the Xbox One. Even though Microsoft enlisted the help of football star Steven Gerrard, Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto, and other stars, Sony’s ad still generated twice the amount of hype on its release day.

However, that did not stop Microsoft from releasing a statement on Twitter a month later, claiming that “Xbox One has the best games.”

A week later, PS4 released an ad on the day of Xbox One’s launch titled “The Declaration of Play. This is #4ThePlayers”. If you watch the ad carefully, you can see references made about the Xbox One like “refuse to be boxed in” and “jaw-dropping graphics” – taking an obvious jab at the Xbox One’s 720p issue.


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