Must-have Top 10 Extensions for Google Chrome


Google chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. It has a clutter free interface which is fast and freely available to users. Extensions can be added to make your browsing more fun and interesting. These can be installed from chrome web store.

  1. AdBlock

With over 15 million users AdBlock is the most popular extension for Chrome. Increasingly ads have cluttered the webpages we browse daily to read the news, network through facebook and watch videos on YouTube. AdBlock frees up all this annoying ad clutter by blocking them on all the pages.

  1. Google Calendar

This extension allows you to easily see upcoming events from Google calendar without leaving the browser. Events can be instantly added from sites which show an orange plus sign. You can also right click on a web page to add an appointment. You can be assured to never miss an event as the notifications appear regardless of whether the Chrome is open or closed.

  1. Webpage Screenshot

Now you can capture full vertical and horizontal content on webpages. These can be directly saved to your computer, printed, emailed or shared to a social networking site. The screenshot can also be edited before sharing like highlighting the important part with circles and blurring the others with spray options.

  1. Google Dictionary

The dictionary allows you to view definitions of words while you browse through the web by double-clicking the word. A small pop-up bubble shows the definition, the complete definition can be viewed using the toolbar dictionary. You can store and download the history of words searched for later reference. Now you can conveniently learn the meaning of a word while reading on the browser without the need to switch to another page.

  1. Auto HD for YouTube

It automatically allows YouTube videos to play in HD, you can select from 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p. Not just that, it also plays the videos in a larger player so you can sit back and enjoy your videos.

  1. Custom RSS news

With this extension all the news and weather information that you are interested in can be found at one single place. You will receive notification of the latest updates of the RSS feeds from the source. You can also share an article on twitter or facebook with a click of an icon on the right.

  1. Hover Zoom

Now you can zoom in images on different sites like facebook, twitter, Flickr by just moving the mouse cursor over the thumbnail. Enjoy browsing images with ease without clicking or navigating to the webpage.

  1. Turn off the lights

With one click on the lamp button you will get a theatre experience while watching a video on a website like YouTube The entire page will be faded to dark and you can enjoy your video watching experience. You can also turn back the light on easily by clicking on the icon.

  1. WOT

It is website review provider which is based on the experience of millions of users of that website. It informs you if the website you are shopping, surfing is trustworthy or not. This is notified by a traffic signal like icon next to the search results. It works on all search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To know more about users’ opinions you can click on the traffic light like icon.

  1. Social Fixer

This enhances your social networking experience on facebook. It comes with a plethora of features where you can track recent comments of old posts, hide the ones you already read, advanced feed filters. You also are provided quick links to ‘My Pages’, ‘My Groups’, ‘My events’. It has custom skins for personalized look of your wall. News feeds are available in tabs along with advanced filters and enhanced navigation. It has automatic capabilities to expand similar posts and much more.

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