Android Kit-Kat 4.0 banned offensive words assistance


There have been huge noise from the teenager regarding their Google Kit-Kat 4.0 update.It was reported that has some dictionary problem as it does not provide predictive text for some of the very frequently used by Adults and teenager.Now it has been notified by the developers that they have banned some of the words from the dictionary.



Words or text which can be offensive to any person or slangs which youngsters frequently use have been deleted from the dictionary. For these words device dictionary will not provide predictive text above the word which they provide for any other normal text.

This, Google Android Kit-Kat, should not be misinterpreted as their inability to type the words. You can type these words by your own its just that predictive text for words will not work for this category words. The idea is to encourage you to use responsible language .



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