Best Add-Ons to Augment Your FireFox

Here are some Add-ons which will be very useful for a professional people who are into development. These few plugins will definitely gonna speedup your speed and assist you in many ways.



X-Notifier is a web mail notifier. X-Notifier updates you with the number of unread emails you have. User can add multiple accounts in the same host. Facebook, Gmail and many others can be added ,if you want to add your own site code is available you can edit the code. Get Plugin for Firefox





If you are tired of signing up all the same site on your Firefox browser every time you open it. i have a solution which you are looking for. iMacro can perform all the task for you after you record all the steps. So next time just play it will do the trick for you.Get Plugin for Firefox



Copy as a Plain text 2

65533Copy text from any web page as a plain text, this is a very useful plugin. just select the text and right click and you can copy the text. Ctrl+shift+C is a keyboard shortcut for this feature. Get Plugin for Firefox





Famous among the web developers who are used to debug the User Interface of front end technology like HTML, JqueryMobile . Firebug not only provide the designing and JavaScript debugging tools on your finger tips but also accurately analyze network connections and its performance.  Get Plugin for Firefox




ColorZilla-resized-600ColorZilla helps web designers and developers to create colors codes for their color related tasks user can zoom an area to get the color.Eyedropper feature alow you to get the color of any pixel.Get Plugin for Firefox



Empty Cache Button

cache This plugin is only for web developers. Sometime Firefox cache the website which is good for better performance of your web page. But when you are tweaking with user interface you frequently need to clear the cache and this will be very helpful to you.  Get Plugin for Firefox




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