Shop Smart with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing works both ways. It helps vendors and manufacturers increase traffic to their site and, in turn, helps consumers find ways to save money while shopping online. Here are five ways by which you can keep yourself in the know about various deals, discounts and offers, using social media of which you are most likely already a member of.

1. Follow your favourite designers and manufacturers – Almost anyone who’s anyone is on Twitter. And, amidst tweeting about last night’s dinner and tomorrow night’s party, fashion designers and other innovators tend to release exclusives on their latest collections online. There are also a great number of online stores that have Twitter accounts. It is here that they advertise various sales and offers on clothing, electronics, beauty products, books and more. Specific brands, from Ferrari to Maruti Suzuki also promote their merchandise using this portal. And in 150 characters or less, they tend not to ramble on and on, keeping their announcements short, sweet and to the point.

2. Go through your news feed – Chances are, one of your friends has found a great deal and wants to share it with the world. Or perhaps they have signed up to be an online ambassador for the product. Of course, such news tends to get annoying, but it could be helpful too. Just scroll through and educate yourself regarding the latest trends as well as the best place to buy them from. Steve Madden seems to be doing the rounds on my news feed. What about yours?

3. Blogs – There are blogs dedicated to discussing specific categories of products. The internet is filled with niche fashion blogs, electronics blogs, gaming blogs, cooking blogs and more. These forums not only offer reviews or helpful tips about what’s in and what not, or the pros and cons of buying a particular product. They also tell you where to buy them. They may even point out where to get the best deal. And as most of the posts are inspired by their own lives, you know that this is not just an advertisement. It is something that they themselves have tried and have found to work.

4. Forums – Deal websites, that promote discounts and offers from various shopping portals, usually have a Forum. It is here that customers share information about sales and offers that they have used and can vouch for. Indeed, many deal and discount websites use these forums themselves, as a means of finding out deals that the customer wants and is satisfied with. Why shouldn’t you?

5. Deal websites – Deal Websites are perhaps the best way to make sure you’re making the smart choice when purchasing an item. Price comparison sites allow you to compare prices among different retailers.Deal websites allow you to factor in offers and sales that may decrease the price of a product exponentially. These sites work in tandem with online shopping portals and locate and promote the best deals on sites including Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Amazon EBay and more.

The internet is the threshold of information of every kind. Navigating through it can sometimes be hard. Social media makes this easy, with everything available at the click of a button. Shop now at guilt free prices, using knowledge you have gained by simply going through your news feed or browsing through Twitter or Tumblr!

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