Should you play QuizUp? Hint: The answer is Yes!

There are many social quiz apps available in the market so what makes QuizUp different from them? Its vast repository of topics which is far greater than any other application. From Television series “Game of Thrones” to cookery , you will surely find your interest which will keep u engrossed in the app. QuizUp’s game-play is very friendly. Each game is divided into rounds. As the game starts you and your opponent get the same question with four options, who ever answers get the points for a correct and fast reply. Application tracks your points and keep you with suitable opponent according to your score. Being a social app, Quiz up allow you to login with your Facebook, Google+ and email. So it offers you to play with your Facebook or Google connection. Benefit is that you can brag about your points on social media atleast that is what I like about these games.

Interface of the game is very colorful. Application is neat and easy to get around. Categories will be displayed on the first page. Its largely fun playing Quizup though you will find some grammer and factual error but those are ignorable. The only thing which is missing from the app is that it works only when you are online i.e it does not have offline support. So there is no single player mode.

QuizUp is one of those applications on which you can spend hours. It has enough category which can surely push you to keep coming back. QuizUp is trending on app-store but we have seen earlier that users loses interest after sometime. It would be fun to watch how Plain Vanilla take this game to keep users coming back to it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: iOS, Android

Age Group: Above 6 Years

Download Application:  Android , iOS

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