A Dream Come True With Smart Paper Airplane: PowerUp 3.0

As a child, we always have dream of making long strides with our paper plane and then brag about it. What if this dream can become reality? Yes this is about flying your paper plane and navigating the plane with your smart phone.

PowerUp 3.0 is a paper Airplane controlled by your smartphone. Technology works with the bluetooth of your device.  Plane can fly upto a range of 180 feet and it has a micro USB charger. It’s lithium polymer battery gives a 10 minute flight and equipment is made from carbon fiber which allows device to be crash proof. Mobile application supports Iphone 4S , 5, 5S , 5C and iPad Mini.

4 Easy Peasy Steps To Get Started:

  • Fold an A4 sheet.
  • Attach the PowerUp 3.0 to it.
  • Connect it with your iPhone.
  • Now You are ready to fly!

Very simple but an effective implementation has made PowerUp 3.0 an innovative and fun to-have device.

Source: PowerUp 3.0


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