So What’s all the Fuss about 64-Bit iPhone 5S?

For the first time in mobile device history, iPhone 5S 64-Bit iOS 7 with A7 chip. Once again Apple shown the way to everyone by introducing mobile device with 64-bit chip . After Apple ,Samsung and other mobility manufacturer are willing to move on 64-Bit architecture . Samsung has already announced that there next device will be on 64-bit architecture. Though we have 64 Bit architecture for desktops then why there is so Fuss about 64-Bit mobile OS ? In simple terms if you earlier have 32 workers to complete the task and now you have 64 workers for completing the same task. This is the power of 64 bit Operating system over 32 bit.

The number of bits implies how much information can be handled by processor at a time. 64-bit Chip can handle memory address with 64 bit numbers, this will enable device to accommodate memory more than 4GB. It will allow lifting heavy computational task without any hassle. Though there are very less application available on App Store which can actually exploit the processing speed of 64-bit architecture. One such application is Infinity Blade 3 which is a paid app. Application can run on 5 and 5S but the quality on 5S is remarkable. Another example of high computation capability is iPhone’s Fingerprint scanning technology which is available only on 5S.
With the advent of fast internet connections, gap between PC and mobile is shrinking.  User needs high quality application which can match the performance of their Personal computers. Apple has started a revolution in mobile arithmetic though there are not many application right now which can utilize this. But it would be crucial to see how other mobility players and its own developers respond to this development.
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