Sochi Olympics: Drone is Watching You!

The Unmanned Ariel Vehicles(UAV) came into lime light when they were used by US armed forces to bomb/protect the Central Asia (Waziristan, Afghanistan). Though there were skepticism involved around the usage of drones. Earlier Drones were only the part of security forces to guard or to target the opposition with its immense potential.

But recently Drones were spotted hovering and zipping at Sochi Russia. They were not there to secure the area or to find terrorist. They were there to capture the best possible glimpse of a sports persons while they give their best at Winter Olympics .Yes, Drones were used as Sports broadcasting devices. Drones can go really very close and they are quite too. Drones are lot cheaper then helicopters used for the same. Heliguy have provided drones for the shooting of the famous HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

Why we chose Drone(UAV)

  • They are usually cheaper than helicopters
  • They are controlled using computers
  • They can reach in remote areas where man cannot step
  • They are smaller in size than usual helicopters
  • Many of them are soundless

Verdict: There are things which can be best done by these UAV but for some countries regulation is still an issue. Though filming has found a first mainstream way of using Drones as we found in Sochi Winter Olympics. We just have to wait how countries respond to theses kind of development and hope that more and more constructive usability can be found out to enable us to push the limits in other areas too.

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