Have you heard of Super Secure Smartphone “Black” from Boeing?

Now you can have a device recommended by James Bond, Ethan Hunt and several others for any secret mission. Yes, I’m talking about the most secure mobile device, from the house of the aero giant – Boeing. What’s so cool about this device? It has a self-destruct feature that will activate if the device is tampered with, wiping all system software and making the device inoperable. The phone can operate on the WCDMA, GSM and LTE frequency bands and offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

According to Boeing’s spokeswoman Rebecca Yeamans, they have been developing the phone for 36 months. Device is based on proprietary security architecture “PureSecure”. However, they are not the first to address this market. Earlier, Samsung had come out with KNOX, its enterprise secure platform. The target customers of this platform would be those who rate security as a primary parameter before choosing a mobile device, such as government agencies, company working on government contracts and the defense forces.

“Designed to meet the evolving security needs of defense and security customers, Boeing has released a modular smartphone to enable secure access and exchange of critical data and communications on a trusted mobile device,” Rebecca said, “Boeing has drawn on its deep expertise in information assurance, advanced technology partners and a US-based manufacturer to provide an innovative, secure and flexible mobile solution.”

The design of the device is not exactly inspiring. With 170grms of weight and 4.3′ displays it seems quite mundane. Also, the 1500-1600 mAh battery doesn’t seem to be able to provide enough juice for any high-end phone to run on. But, the design is based on a modular approach, meaning that you could tack on an extra battery, GPS receiver, Solar charger or anything you can think of. Device is based on Android 4.x.x platform.

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