Tech Innovations that can shape Future

Some of the finest technological innovations that can drive us into a different landscape:-

  •  Drone Dream of Amazon

Big news from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos that he is planning to deliver your package taking his drones traveling from Amazon warehouse across the city to your mini landing pads at your house. This has actually captures peoples imagination with great extent. There have been many obstacles in front of Drone but if this can become reality it would be a major break through in achieving logistic excellence. Amazon Drone Dream

  •  Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer to peer payment network introduced in year 2009. Bitcoin is gaining popularity moderately and it got major boost after the United States Senate Nov,2013 give positive response to this digital currency. Though commercial usage of bitcoin is still very low. Many merchants are endorsing the use  of Bitcoin as there is no or very less processing charge as compared to processing fee of credit card companies. Bitcoin received mixed feedback from economist who say it still have long way  to become an alternative to conventional currency. Bitcoin

  •  Project Ara

An initiative by Motorola Mobility to develop a modular smartphone. Modular smartphone means a development of a smartphone which will actually be customized according to your needs. It will reduce waste, and create a open platform for mobile devices. The main idea is to have skeleton of components of mobile device and you can assemble them to make your mobile device. There are many potential issues like framework, modularity and regulatory approvals.No one wants it to end as a concept but  to become reality. Project Ara

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a scenario where real and virtual world both exist. This means you can use real world and build a virtual around it. This concept is used in many location based app where you just use your camera and it provide you the information about the area, structure, monument and other things.Augmented reality is the technology on which Google Sky Map is based. This technology has been in buzz and will be one of the key platforms for Mobility players to showcase their creativity. This Video is very good and will give you an idea of how this have changed the way we see mobile applications.

  •  Mobile Operating System

Earlier it was Nokia with its Symbian then came mighty Java ,since then the war was always alive for Mobile operating system. With the advent of iOS  and Blackberry, many other vendors have come out with their innovative operating systems. There are many promising new operating system like Tizen, Firefox, Nokia’s Meego is also been developed by group of independent developers.With time this war will only get hotter but the ultimate winner will be consumer.

Right now it would be very early to comment about how successful they become but they will surely bring the dawn for relative line of devices which can actually change the way we see gauge technology.

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