The Rise of Advergaming – Getting your company into the mobile gaming world


Welcome to a new generation of advertising. Advergaming is on the rise, and while this new term has some of you confused, we invite you to consider how this might benefit your business. Getting your company into the mobile gaming world, will mean big bucks if you can find the right outlet.

Advertising in games, now referred to as branded entertainment, is designed to work specifically for a targeted demographic. Think about games that you can contribute to, or are you creating a mobile game of your own. The various methods to target consumers are never ending. Enriching their experience and using product placement, you can see results.

Early Examples

We all remember receiving free internet CD-ROMS from AOL? If we think about the cobranding and advertising happening, many companies were partnering with AOL to offer this service. Chex Cereal made by General Mills was offering a new game to play online, with AOL as the backing for the disc. This was a way to draw people online and generate brand loyalty to AOL.

Then began the in-game advertisements. Video games while increasing in popularity year over year, began to have product placement inside. Many sports games were funded by sponsored ads from actual sporting goods companies. Adidas sponsored the FIFA 1994 edition, with billboards on all the virtual stadiums. There was Adidas sportswear inside of the arena, worn by all the players. It just continued to grow from here.

It is now common to us to have our virtual worlds also advertising brands and products to us. Consider the different racing games and the brands displayed in the games. Depending on the backer for the games, your choices in cars varies. You will either be driving Fords or Jeeps.

Jeep has their own mobile game, for all types of modern devices. Jeep Off Road Jam, is a game designed to have you work to increase your level, providing you opportunities to purchase upgrades with earned fake money or real money. The higher up you travel inside of the game, the better your car offering becomes. You start with the basic model and work you way up to Sport or Rubicon’s with their different loaded features.

Real Mobile Advertisements

Our brands now push us to connect with them, enjoy their product, and take a stance on loyalty. We spend money on the application purchase, and then we spend money within the game. Free games require the use of funds inside of the game much more often. But no matter what, we are spending loads of time and money on mobile games. Why wouldn’t a smart marketer jump on this opportunity?

When you brand has developed a strategy to partner with game makers, take the chance. If you are working on developing a game internally, consider having professional graphic design services that assist you with making your technology worth the app purchase. You are going to see a dramatic increase to your downloads with better graphics and fun offerings.

This is an opportunity to create a buzz around your business or service. This is how viral things happen, one step at a time, and when the consumers find it on their own. Create something that will be unique and compelling to keep them hooked on your advergaming.

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