Things to keep in mind while designing Mobile Website?


Being a Mobility Expert, I know it’s very important to design a mobile application to keep  up with the smart phone generation who like everything on the go.  So here are some tips which you should  keep in mind while designing a mobile website .


The mobile application or mobile web application should be fast enough so that the user  doesn’t have to spend time waiting for your site to load. Use compressed images on your  Mobile site to keep the data usage low. It will also optimize your mobile website.

Simple Navigation

While designing the application, keep in mind that navigation of the application should be simple and the user should reach any intended page in your application in not more thant 3 to 4 clicks. Include home and back buttons to ease the navigation for the user.  If there are many options on your mobile site, try to provide a search button so that the user can directly search what he is looking for.

User Interface

In your mobile website, ensure that the buttons are well-spaced so that the user faces no confusion while clicking with the thumb. The text written on the webpage should be readable  without zooming the application. All the data should be concise and accurate.


Ensure that your mobile website should looks the same on every mobile device. We would suggest you to use mobile technologies like  Html5 or JqueryMobile to minimize any UI problems on multiple platforms.

Desktop Site
Bestow the users with the option to switch to desktop version of your application as there are many features which are not available on Mobiles. Moreover, Some users have problems in using the mobile UI as they are regular on a desktop site, so they would rather prefer the desktop version to mobile.

These tips are definitely going to assist you in designing a superior mobile website.


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