Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone


As the mobile phone market expanding exponentially, switching smartphone in less than a year has become a regular habit. With regular roll out of a new version from the same series, the reason for changing the phone has become more convincing. This eventually leads to a condition where you have a new smartphone and a not so new smartphone. And resale value of devices are apologizing, so today TechCuppa will assist you in how you can use your older phone and breath a new life into it.

Media Player – Download your latest audios, videos and podcast to your old phone and use it as your media player. You can save your new phone’s battery while you are at it.

For Alternate Number – A different network is offering voice calling with a throwaway plan and you want it to use it without compromising your number. You can put your old phone to good use here. On a lighter note, Two-Timing anyone? We bet you need an alternate number more than anyone else.

Gift it to your younger siblings – We bet you have younger siblings who are always raring to get their hands on your smartphone and we all know that you can’t risk a cracked screen or worse, let them open your gallery or messages. This is where your old smartphone comes in handy. We are sure they would be more than happy to boast of a smartphone among their friends, albeit an old one.

Home Media Controller – Install an app from the plethora of apps available to enable your spare phone to work as a media controller for the various electronic devices in your home. Some of these apps let you control the devices over Wi-Fi from a different room or floor in your home. No harm in a little showing off, eh.

Gaming – We are sure you have that friend who asks for a Candy Crush life before asking about your well being. We recommend these gaming freaks to keep their spare phone as a pure gaming device. You can download every game that interests you and play it to your hearts’ content without running the risk of running out of battery before that absolutely important call.

Backup – New phone out of storage due to your incessant camera exploits for that ever-elusive profile pic for Facebook or those videos of the past which are too precious to be deleted? Transfer your data from new phone to the spare one. This can be one of the uses for your old and spare smart device.

Digital Photo Frames – App markets are flooded with apps available across platforms, which can transform your smart device into a digital photo frame. All you need is to add the images and your phone is ready to be a bedside photo frame.

Standalone Navigation System – Just load your old phone with the latest Google Maps. Post that, you just require a dashboard mount and a micro USB charger to keep the battery juiced up and your spare device can work as a standalone GPS navigator.

Hack them and play – If you are done with loyalty and want to transgress the boundaries of your mobile device then just hack the device. Android can be booted with the near stock version of operating system and perform different things with them. For iPhone you can jail break your device and do limitless possibilities.

Keep as a memory – Some things are hard to let go even when they are useless. Keep your old phone as a souvenir in case there are too many memories attached to it; first phone, gift by an ex, won in a competition. We let you ponder over the reasons for not letting it go.

Donate it to a Mobile Application developer – Last but not the least, just donate your device to a mobile application developer. A worthless thing to you can prove to be an asset for a mobile application developer.

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