This is Why You Always Clear Your Browser History


As you browse through the web, Web Browsers store information about the websites you visit, along with the information that websites frequently ask you to provide (such as your name and address). Web browsers store the following types of information:

  • Temporary Internet files
  • Cookies
  • A history of the websites you’ve visited
  • Information that you’ve entered into websites or the Address bar
  • Saved web passwords

Usually,  it’s helpful to have this information stored on your computer—it can improve your web browsing speed and also save you from the hassle of typing the same information over and over. But there are a lot of reasons why deleting the browsing history on your browser is a good idea. Some of these reasons below may not appeal to all readers but they are still rational reasons nonetheless. computer.


– If your computer were to be stolen or hacked into, the criminal will have access to a lot of information about you and your habits. If you have authenticated login sessions on secure sites or saved passwords, the miscreant will be able to wreak havoc on your web accounts.

– Cookies can be used to track your internet usage and this may used by companies who will then target you with advertising based on the information gleaned from these stats.

At Home

Parents and Adults – Your work may also require a level of secrecy which can be compromised by your saved browsing history. – If you have a fondness  for visiting gambling or adult sites, you should always remember to delete your browsing history to save you the embarrassment in front of your spouse/children.

– If you have a habit of visiting those online dating sites just for fun or sometimes in search of a fling, we strongly recommend deleting your browsing history to avoid a breakup or possibly divorce.

–  You may not be doing something immoral but you still might want to keep your browsing history a secret. For instance, you would not like your spouse to know that you are planning a surprise family trip to Bahamas.

Children – Gaming sites, social networking, adult sites or sex chat rooms; whatever you are doing kids, just remember to keep your parents at bay. You don’t want a beating of a lifetime and trust us, the consequences can be worse like NO INTERNET.

At Work

A lot of companies/projects prohibit you from visiting any other websites apart from the stipulated ones. If you somehow manage to bypass restrictions/use that secret proxy to surf other websites, be sure to clear the browsing history or be prepared to face consequences.

Even if your company allows you to visit other sites,  make sure you delete your browsing history which might highlight your willingness to switch companies or your unplanned vacation.

Public and Shared Computers

– If you access the internet using a computer in public places like libraries and cyber cafe, the next person who uses the computer will be able to view the sites you have visited if you do not clear your history. It is especially important to clear your browsing history if you use such computers to carry out activities like online banking or shopping.

– If you use a friend/colleague’s computer to log on to the internet, you may not want them to know which websites you have visited or what activities you have engaged in.

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