[Stuff You Should Know] The Snazziest Wearable Gadget – Google Glass

Another project from Google X, a secret facility run by Google, which was involved in the development of ultra futuristic “Driver-Less Cars”. The wing has now come up with a wearable computer “Google Glass”. This has been a remarkable innovation by Google as the product has been tested and used by people who were selected by Google last year. Many believe that it’s a game changer in the field of wearable technology.

Google Glass can perform a multitude of functions like clicking a picture as you wink, shoot what you see at 720p HD, share the video, give directions and surf the internet among many others. It works on voice commands and then performs the tasks using the web. With Optical Head Mounted Display (OHMD) developed by Google, it can display information on your screen. It has a touchpad located on the side of the device which will allow users to control the device by swiping the interface.

Free applications such as Evernote, New York Times, Path have already been developed by third parties and Google itself has provided in-house developed applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail. Google has now released the Mirror API so that developers can develop applications for Google Glass. Google has also provided Glass Development Kit which consists of sample application aimed at assisting developers to design applications. As of now, developers cannot charge or advertise on their applications.

This piece of technology is still in its earlier version, which would serve as a new horizon for wearable technology. It has already been touted as the NEXT-BIG-THING.


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